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Friday, September 21, 2012

Pastures new...

Two weeks ago we handed in our keys to our old home. It was our first home together and such a unique place that we were sad to leave.

It was a beautiful first home and we built so many happy memories there...but if we were honest with ourselves, it was time to move on even if we weren't moving towns! With so many old buildings, damp was a big issue and we were ready to start having our own space outside...although I doubt we'll ever get to have a fountain in our own garden!

But now, as we gradually get through all the boxes and flat packs, our new house is taking shape and beginning to become our home. There's lots of work to be done to make it our own but I'm already pretty fond of the roses lining our front path.

I can't promise any consistency with posts over the next couple of weeks, partly because I'm currently having it out with the masses of spiders (not even exaggerating) that have rather liked this house being their home...any good suggestions? I'm thinking blocking the hole which is currently in our kitchen wall would be a good start :) But a job hunt, unpacking and getting lost in this new town will probably have more of an influence on how much I get to post!

Happy weekend :)

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