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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A little break...

Soooo I think you might have guessed already but I'm taking a little break from blogging while we pack up and move. A little while ago I mentioned that we're moving to Cambridgeshire for my husband to start training for ordination in the church. We're so excited as the last three years have all been heading towards this moment...and now it is actually happening!

I love change but I always find moving strange, it's the fact that you can never return to a place where so many of your memories lie. This house will always be special for us as it was our first home together. So we're savouring our last couple of weeks here, along with cramming in seeing as many of our wonderful friends as possible...oh yeah and a little bit of packing here and there too (really not enough of that has been happening!).

So I hope you don't mind that I take a little break from Blackberry Grove. But, in the words of Arnie, I'll be back - and I imagine with plenty of punting mishaps to share!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kids and grown ups love it so - the happy world of cupcake cones

Every week at work we take it in turns to provide training to one another. It's pretty much an unspoken agreement that in order to feed our brains then our stomachs also need to be fed - with lots of sugar. One week my friend brought in cupcakes - in a cone. These are probably meant to be entertaining for kids, but hey we got pretty excited!

So when I found out that my sister was coming to stay with her three gorgeous children I knew exactly what I wanted to make for them. They were a bit confused by 'warm' icecream at first - but loved them once they worked out what was going on!

These are super easy, simply make your favourite sponge recipe and divide between 12 cones. I secured my cones in a muffin tray by wrapping foil around the base. Then cook for approximately 20 minutes at 170 degrees celcius. Finally top with your favourite buttercream icing and the essential 99 flake :)

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