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Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from holiday...

We got back on Friday from ten days in Croatia. It was amazing - full of sun, sea and...waaay too much ice cream (can there ever be too much?). We move in just two months now (eek!) so we wanted to take a break before the chaos starts and before my husband goes back to being a full time student (hello future rain filled british hols).  I came home with a minimal tan but a head buzzing with loads of new craft ideas.

I wouldn't exactly call myself the queen of to-do lists but they're pretty much a necessity in my life in order to get things done. Mainly because I am the queen of procrastination. I have one notebook which is my go to for all things - which is great because it reduces the potential for me losing things (a frequent event) but it also means I hardly ever end up doing what ever it is that I originally went to the book for. Andrew is forever commenting on my 'trail' - I tend to just drop things right there and then when I think of something else I could/should do.

So to record all my new ideas I decided to dedicate a whole notebook just to the blog. Did I use the pile of notebooks I've yet to discover a role for? Of course not! I made one instead...hmmm maybe that procrastination just reared it's head again.

I won't do a tutorial for this because I followed a fantastic one over at curiously crafty. The only changes I made to the original tutorial is that I just glued the fabric on the inside edges to avoid it affecting the outer appearance - and I prettied it up by adding ribbon before gluing the inside cover.

These would make great gifts and I won't ever be buying notebooks again - that pile of unused notebooks will probably never get a look in either now :)

Happy Monday!


  1. i would love to try making my own notebook too! Yours looks pretty


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