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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peg it...

Christmas appears to be sending me into a mini blogathon but it's just as well because there will probably be a long silence after Christmas as I recover from chocolate overload see lots of lovely family. It's only 5 days away now folks!

I'm a complete sucker for anything miniature so when I saw these mini pegs I couldn't resist buying them! I originally thought about doing something similar to this but decided to save them for Christmas instead. So if you're running out of space for all those Christmas cards these are a cute way to hang them!

For the super thick glitter pegs, I painted on glue and then dipped (and re-dipped) in glitter.

For the more subtle glitter pegs I used glitter glue.

And for the stripes i just painted on glue in stripes and then dipped gently in glitter.

So easy and quick...and an excuse to get the glitter out again!

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