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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY shoe makeover...

I often read about how important it is to decide on how much of your personal life you are going to share when blogging.

I have a feeling the before-photo of these shoes should probably have stayed in my private life.

I would just like to state publicly that I do wash my feet. Very regularly :) However my love of going barefoot whenever possible and my inexplicable skill of choosing inappropriate shoes on a rainy day have led to this...let's not hold back now...pretty disgusting outcome!

So here is how I prettied them up!

1) Firstly use the original insoles as templates to sketch out the new soles on the fabric. Cut out and adhere to the soles of the shoes with the strong glue.

2) Next use the craft knife (or stanley knife) to make small cuts along the side of the shoe (mine were about 1.5cm long).

3) Thread the ribbon through the slits, making sure both ends come out at the front of the shoe (that step probably didn't need to be explained!). I found 1m of ribbon for each shoe worked out perfectly.

4) Double knot the ribbon before tying the bow. Then trim the bow ends!

I haven't treated the ends of the ribbon but if you find it frays then holding a lit match close to the edge (briefly) seals it.

I love my new shoes! Here is probably where I shouldn't admit that on their first outing outdoors I got them soaked in the rain - at least all the decoration is replaceable!

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  1. This is beautiful! Amazing work! Im going to try this sometime! I really like your blog! I would love if you could check out mine and say what you think! THANKS

    Xo from Mexico!!!

  2. What a great makeover! They look really great.
    M x

  3. Thanks for the follow lovely. These shoes are so pretty - what a fab DIY! Off to explore your blog more xx

  4. Great result - this is so pretty!

  5. This is such a great idea! They look wonderful.


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