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Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 handmade card ideas...

I saw one of my closest friends last month for this first time in over does that happen? Time just seems to run away sometimes. As always it never felt like we had spent any time apart...except for when we traded birthday and Christmas presents (her birthday was in October!). Donna is amazing at sending cards, she never forgets birthdays and is always sending little thank you notes. We spent a lot of time as teenagers trading notes on our love for a certain boy band (*cough* westlife *cough*...don't judge) and our boredom of whatever class we were in at the time, so a handwritten note from her always brings back fun memories! Anyway, I wanted to make a pack of handmade cards to supplement her supply...and since I finally got to give them to her, I can also finally post about them!

So here are five ideas if you fancy having a go at making your own cards!

1. Simply wrap decorative string around the card with both ends meeting in the middle on the outer side, tie a knot to secure. Cut out a luggage tag from craft paper and adhere your message, punch a hole at the end of the tag and feed through the string, securing with a bow. Add a little glue to the top edge of the tag and position on the card as you like.

2. Simply use a punch to stamp out your chosen shape from a different craft papers and add a small amount of glue to adhere to the card!

3. Cut out a rectangle of craft paper, a smaller rectangle of fabric and a smaller rectangle again with your printed message. Layer on the card with a small amount of glue.

4. Cut out small triangles from different craft paper (you can make a template but it worked fine just cutting free hand from a strip of paper). Glue onto the card in an arc. Make two small bows from decorative string and adhere to each end.

5. Add any embellishment you wish to a mini peg. Cut out a rectangle of craft paper and add your printed message. Add to the peg and glue the peg to the card.

Looking back over these has reminded me how much I enjoyed making them! My husband gave me a set of wooden alphabet stamps for my birthday (which I may have been hinting at for a while), the bunting card would look so sweet with a little message stamped on the bunting!

Do you make your own cards? I'd love to see your favourite designs!
Happy Thursday :)


  1. I like the bunting one; it looks really easy to make. The only problem I think I'd have is with the glue bleeding through the paper.

    1. The craft paper tends to be thicker than standard paper, more like thin card so the glue doesn't seep through, I also find adding glue with a paintbrush helps!

  2. I love all of these! The butterflies are so cute and I string details are perfection. xx. McKenna Lou

    1. Thank you! The butterfly stamp is actually from all our wedding stationary so I love any excuse to dust it off!

  3. Oh my gosh this is absolutely adorable! I love all of these :)

  4. these are gorgeous! brilliant job!

  5. These cards are so cute especially the one with buntings and a small ribbons at each ends. Haha! :D

  6. These are lovely, I love the little details you've added. My favourite is definitely the bunting one - and I agree, it would be so sweet personalised with a message or a name! xx

  7. these are the cutest cards! I love the bunting one and the one with the twine!

    xx gemma @


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