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Thursday, November 21, 2013

D.I.Y. painted terracotta pots...

I picked up these mini terracotta pots from Nest at Burwash Manor (if you're ever in the Cambridge area it is well worth a visit, it's a really sweet collection of shops with a lovely deli and tea shop). The pots were too good a deal to turn down so of course I bought far too many of them! I mentioned in my last post that I meet up with some friends for craft evenings so I thought it would be fun to decorate these together. I thought I'd share what I made today. It was slightly addictive and I carried on into the next's had been ages since I last picked up a paint brush and I found it so therapeutic! One is currently housing my make up brushes, another is on my bedside cabinet next to my jewellery tray and I think I might use the other to hold some craft supplies.

I painted two of the pots and used decoupage for the other. I haven't really dabbled in decoupage before but I found this gorgeous paper in hobby craft so I wanted to have a go! I love how it turned out.

To make: simply cut up small squares of paper (you can use any paper but thinner paper will give the best result, I used specific decoupage paper) and glue to the pot. I applied mine in quite a uniform fashion which when looked at close up means the separate squares are quite evident. Next time I think I'll add them at different angles and overlap them more...what do you think? Once the whole pot is covered with the paper apply a layer of glue over the pot to smooth down any loose edges, leave to dry. Next I painted the inside of the pot, leave to dry between layers.

I painted two different patterns. I used electrical tape to mark out the patterns on the pots. Admittedly that was because I didn't have any masking tape but the electrical tape peeled off really easily so I would definitely use it again...just make sure you leave the base coat to dry before sticking the tape to it. I painted two layers of paint for the triangles and 3 layers for the cream base coat and bronze stripes.

I still have a few pots left, any idea on what else I could do with them?

Have a great Thursday!


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