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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey there 2014!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours has been busy but so great, we got to spend time with both of our families, I'm going to be honest with you...they rock :)

Christmas seemed to creep up on us this year, I think it had something to do with there still being leaves on the trees and having worked outside in a t-shirt in the week before Christmas...cold weather definitely helps to induce Christmassy feelings...that being said, it didn't take us long to embrace it! But if Christmas sped up on us then, my, 2014 has sped up even quicker.

Up until 2 weeks ago I thought I was going to be starting this year in a new job. An opportunity came up at a local charity who work in an area in which I am very interested. My notice was handed in, I was due to finish on Christmas Eve, I even had my leaving do...and then it fell through. Fortunately I was able to stay at my current job, my boss was so amazing in letting me reverse everything. I work in stroke rehabilitation which I also find so interesting so it isn't a chore to remain :)

However, I was looking forward to the New Year as the start of something brand new. Change was in the air, and I love change. I felt invigorated with the thought of doing something different! So, it has been a strange couple of weeks in which I have had to process all that has gone on, but I'm still excited for this new year. January 1st signals a fresh start, it might not have worked out how I expected it to but I know that God has it in hand. I've been thinking a lot about God's calling on our lives and how he wants the best for us. His best for us doesn't depend on circumstance...he doesn't need particular things to happen (or not happen) in order to bless us. My situation really isn't that tough in the grand scheme of things but he is with us even in the roughest of moments.

I'm thankful to be starting this year with that in mind, who knows what 2014 will bring our way but I say bring it on! For a laugh I revisited my 12 things for 2012 list I shared two years ago... it is hilarious how little I have actually achieved from it! But, being someone who is in denial about the fact I'm so bad at crossing off lists, I've decided to set some more fun goals for 2014 :)

1. Open an on-line shop - I am soooo excited about this...I debated when to reveal this plan but here's a little teaser - it's happening. soon. Stay tuned! There's jewellery involved :)

2. The 20 breads project - completely inspired by Elise's bread project. I love making bread but I have totally fallen into a bread rut and also completely out of the routine of making all our bread... so my challenge is to try 20 different bread recipes to keep things fresh! I'm counting enriched dough too... because my sweet tooth asked me to.

3. Learn a tune on the harmonica and play sitting on a pier whilst the sun sets over the lake.... this is one goal carried over from 2 years ago! I can currently play the harmonica badly and slowly, lets see if I can change that this year :)

4. Improve my blog photography - I would love to be able to take better pictures for the blog and I want to try to focus on that this year. I'd say my craft photos have definitely improved but I still have so much to learn...especially when it comes to taking photos of food!

5. Print my photos - another goal from 2 years ago...and I've taken plenty more photos since then which also haven't been printed! But my goal, as it is each year, is to finally print out all my photos from the last 8 years!

I'm going to stop there, I could keep going but it would be nice to look back in a years time and have actually achieved it all (although I don't hold out much hope regarding no.5)! I love having fun projects on the go alongside more serious goals, it's good for the soul to have some fun :)

All that's left for me to say is Happy New Year to you all, I hope that 2014 brings you much joy and laughter!


  1. Happy New Year, Hannah, and good luck with all your resolutions! Good thing you stopped at 5. I have 10, which might make it twice as hard to follow through with them.

    1. Thanks Mickey, I learnt a couple of years ago that 5 was just plenty for me! Good luck with your goals!


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