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Thursday, July 3, 2014


I've always liked the idea of being able to do fancy writing. The problem lies in the fact that my writing is just not that fancy - especially after writing hospital notes all day at work (although even then it is still infinitely better than the dreaded infamous doctors writing!). Over the last couple of months I've been spending time looking up examples of calligraphy and practising a couple of different fonts- I've come to realise that people, generally, don't just sit down and roll out the beautiful writing in just a few seconds. It takes time, which reassured me enough to have a go!

I am definitely still a novice when it comes to typography but I've really enjoyed practising and have built up a small stack of cards during my experiments! I thought it would be fun to share what I've done so far :)

I wish I could say this card idea was original - I love it so much but it was inspired by tee and toast.

After writing out the note I decorated this card by dipping the rubber end of a pencil into metallic turquoise paint and using it to stamp out these mini circles.

This card went to my husband because he really is very marvellous! I wrote out the phrase on a separate piece of paper and then adhered this to the card with washi tape in an attempt to not over-girlify the card!

This is probably my least favourite card out of the lot. I tried writing with a sharpie but I think it just makes the writing look a little clumsy. I haven't invested in any pens but I think this highlights my need to if I want to continue on with this!

You can find some of the tutorials and pictures I used over on my craft inspiration board on Pinterest - I would love to hear if you have any advice or tips...especially any pens you have used and loved!


  1. This is really inspiring! I'm eighteen and still waiting for my "grown up handwriting" to develop!
    I'm going to be at a sort of literature/craft fair next month and have decided to write little quotes on sticky notes to give away.
    The handwriting is just block capitals, but they actually look so effective! I think I'll try some of your ideas too, to give them an extra something :)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment :) I love your idea of giving away quotes, you should share more about that on your blog - have a fun time!

  2. The tea one is just brewing with inspiration. So cool! :)

    1. I like what you did there ;) I know - I would have loved to come with it all by myself - it's my favourite by a long stretch!

  3. These are so cute! I love handwritten things :)


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