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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkins and paper...

So. That pumpkin pie I was so eager about? Well, unless it's meant to be mushy and incur the gag reflex, I don't think I can say it was a success. But hey ho, you live and learn...and I've learnt to let someone else make it next time. But it does mean that I still can't form a judgement on it because I'm pretty sure what I ate yesterday would not be recognised as a pumpkin pie. Which is a shame because I was hoping to finally decide whether I was justified in thinking putting veg in a pudding is just a bit weird. I'm pretty particular about what counts as sweet and what is savoury...and I really don't like mixing the two up (call me old-fashioned!).
But a couple of years ago an American friend of mine force fed me sweet potato with marshmallows cooked on top (I'm sorry...but what?!!) and planted a seed of doubt in my mind because it was actually...ok.

On the flip side though, I had tons of pumpkin left over so I decided to try another recipe which was I'll share it later this week!

This weekend I finally got round to making a magnetic notepad for our fridge. It's been a long time coming because I always think of things I need when cooking and then forget them when it comes to making a list for now I can just jot it down as I think of it! Maybe you already have one...or perhaps your memory is not failing you at age 25...but it looks pretty and here's how it is made:

What you need:
Multiple sheets of A4 paper (1 sheet will yield 3 sheets for the pad)
Craft card
6x11cm material
Hole punch

1) Cut the A4 sheets of paper into 3 equal sections. Use a hole punch to punch holes into one of the narrow sides of the paper sections.

2) Next secure the paper together by threading the twine through both holes, overlapping and threading back through to the front.

3) Next fold the material in half lengthwise and slot paper in the middle. Using a pencil, lightly mark where the twine will be fed through. Cut a small slit at each marking and feed the twine through, securing in a bow (By making it undo-able you can top up the paper when you run out!)

4) Cut a 22x13cm piece of craft card/paper.

5) Spread glue evenly over the back of the paper pad, including fabric. Place in the middle of the backing and firmly secure back of pad to the backing.

6) One final simple step, and thats to magnetise your pad! I cut an adhesive magnet to the right size. Otherwise glue a magnet to the back of the backing. Because I used quite thin craft paper i found the bottom slightly curled up when the glue dried...easily solved by adding a thin magnetic strip at the bottom of the backing.

Since making this I already want to replace it with a driftwood backing...I think that would be sooo pretty :)

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