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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy blogiversary!

Umm, so I missed my first anniversary of blogging - does that make me a bad blogger?! Please forgive me little blog of mine, my mind has been elsewhere of late - namely cramming for job interviews and planning my {actual} anniversary - which was yesterday...happy anniversary to my wonderful husband! But, hey, this has been a fun year filled with more crafting than any year before it.

I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and share the most popular posts from this last here goes:

 So this tutorial is by far the most visited on this little blog...I love this top and it's so versatile!

A super easy way of putting your favourite quote onto canvas

A really cute bracelet to brighten up any outfit :)

This was part 2 of 'two bows, two ways' posts. I love the colour of this belt, I like to team it with a simple black dress!

Here's to another craft and cake filled year!


  1. I need to get one of those hair bows! So cute!


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