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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flowers and lace and all sorts of 'pretties'...

I have four gorgeous nephews and a beautiful niece. We got to spend Christmas with them this year which was so much fun as they were all old enough to get excited about it - albeit with varying degrees of understanding as to why they were excited! I love shopping around for toys for the boys but Seren is probably always going to get beautiful dresses and all things girly from us...little girls clothes are just too cute! She loves to dress up in necklaces and pretty hair grips - she calls them her 'pretties'. So for Christmas I made her a collection of 'pretties' - I think they were a success as she insisted on wearing them all at once :)

I trawled Pinterest looking for inspiration and stumbled across this pretty flower grip on dot coms for mums. I didn't actually use the tutorial but it inspired me to make the trio of flowers hair clip that I'm going to share with you today. I'm sorry for the poor quality of a lot of the photos, I completed and wrapped all of these in one wintry day and there wasn't much natural light going! But enough with the chat, let's get down and crafty...

To get started...

You only need embroidery thread for this, I just got a little over excited and put some additional thread in the  photo - although you may decide you want to sew everything together instead of using glue - I just trust glue's longevity over my sewing ability :)

1) First up take the felt that you are using for the flowers and cut out 6 small circles. Then snip into each circle to create a rough flower shape.

2) Next take two of these shapes and lay one on top of the other. Hold securely and thread the embroidery thread through in a cross shape, tying a knot at the back to secure. Repeat to make the other two flowers.

3) Next cut out 2 leaves from the green felt and a small square from the felt used for the flowers. First glue the two leaves to the square and then glue each flower onto the square, layering on top of the leaves. Trim the excess felt.

4) Cut out a small piece of felt in the shape of the hair clip and glue to the clip. Finally glue the base of the flowers to the felt on the clip. Leave to dry.

And then all you have to do is restrain yourself from making one in every colour :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aww these are so cute! What a great idea. I'm going to have to give it a try, thanks for sharing!


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