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Thursday, February 14, 2013

D.I.Y. felt bow...

So remember in my last post I mentioned about my crafting plans for my Sunday ended up being more about picking apart a skirt and dreaming up what to do with the material while getting completely engrossed in the rugby! But I did have a crafty Tuesday (I love working part-time!) using said material and also sewing up a peg bag...more to come in the next week or so on these. For now I thought I would continue sharing the hair accessories I made for my niece for Christmas...if you haven't seen the previous posts then here's how to make a trio of felt flowers and a double lace hairband. Today I'm talking bows. I loved bows and frills as a little girl...rejected them as a teen (my ribbons were firmly glued to my ripped up flares)...and am now totally back on the bow band wagon - just maybe not in pink.

So here's a really easy way to make a cute felt bow...

All you need are:
Strong glue (or needle and thread)

1. Firstly cut out a piece of felt which thins in the middle and edges (see photo below but think comedy moustache).

2) Fold the ends into the middle and glue.

3) Next cut the ends of your bow by cutting out a wide 'U' shape.

4) Glue this to the middle of your bow (it doesn't matter what side)

5) Then finally wrap a thin piece of felt around the middle and glue at the back.

And voila! a pretty bow to use however you desire. I glued mine to hair clips...let me know what you do with yours :)

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