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Saturday, July 13, 2013

4 gift wrap ideas fit for a bloke (maybe!)...

Whenever I feel like I've finally found a regular blogging routine, something always seems too happen to disrupt it! Sorry my posts have been on the bare side lately, realistically it's probably going to stay this way over summer - funny how my motivation to stay indoors on the computer wains when the sun comes out! I hope you're all enjoying Summer though, this last week has been just beautiful here in the UK!

I hope it stays this way because Andrew's birthday is coming up, it's always so much more fun when you can party outdoors! It's also fun for me because it means I have some gifts to wrap. Maybe I'm a bit strange but I love wrapping gifts, I love making cute little decorations to pretty up the package. I know it's going to get ripped of in ten seconds flat...but it just looks so pretty in that brief moment! But I do have a tendency to go all floral and bows with my wrapping...which isn't exactly his style. In fact, let's be honest here, fancy schmancy gift wrap probably isn't his style full stop...but hey I'm wrapping the gifts so I say I get to have my fun! But I figure I should at least try  to make it slightly more 'blokey' :) .

So here are four ideas I came up with for 'bloke - fit' gift wrap...we'll have to wait until his birthday to see if it's 'bloke-approved'!

Circle garland

 I pinned this idea yonks ago, here's my version of it! What you need: craft paper, scissors, circle template (I used lids), string, sellotape. How to: Simply use circular items as a template to draw and cut out circles of your preferred size from craft paper. Wrap the string round the package a couple of times then bring the string to the front and lay out your first line of circles. Once you've decided their position, add a little tape to secure it to the string. Continue to wrap the string round, adding circles as you go, then tie with a bow at the back.

Go plaid

What you need: Plaid fabric, scissors, sellotape. How to: This is self explanatory but cut out a strip of fabric, wrap round and secure at the back with tape!

Polka dot stamps

I've been wanting to try this ever since Danni shared this idea at Oh Hello FriendWhat you need: paint, pencil with a rubber top (I tried without rubber and it didn't work so well). How to: Pour out a little paint, dip the rubber end of the pencil into the paint, remove any excess paint and stamp onto the paper.

Washi tape

What you need: washi tape, scissors, craft paper. How to: Again, pretty self explanatory! Just wrap the washi tape around the gift and cut out a tag from the craft paper!

I'd love to hear how you decorate your gifts, I'm always looking for new ideas :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. I like these, Hannah! I hope Andrew appreciates them too. Happy bday to Andrew when it arrives. Bridget

  2. I really love the polka dot stamp wrapping :) xx

    1. I do too, I think that was me making something I'd quite like to get!

  3. My brother looked over my shoulder as I was reading this and said as far as guys go, he liked the plaid wrapping best. Me personally, I like the wrapping with the paint dots.

    I try to give gifts in something they can use again eg. a clutch, tool box, lunch box, tote bag etc.

    1. That's such a great idea, something I'll have to store away for next time!

  4. Guys are always hard to do things like this for! I love the plaid version. Very masculine and a nice touch. :)

  5. (Sorry i'm on a bit of a stalk! Haha)
    I love the twine and the dots! Will definitely be trying these, I've pinned them already ;)

    xx gemma @

    1. Haha stalk away! Thanks for your comment(s!), those two are my personal favourites as well!


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