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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mini origami love notes...

Valentine's day isn't a particularly big deal in our house, we're that typical couple that moans about the commercial nature of it...but then still exchange cards! Although often my cards end up being handmade because I leave it too late to go out to buy one - but don't tell Andrew that, I'm happy for him to think it's because I just really wanted to put the time and love into making something ;) 

But this year I've actually already bought a card and made these super cute love notes. Although Andrew saw me making them so they're not going to be that much of a surprise! And although these notes are perfect for being soppy with your partner, they are also perfect surprises for friends and family. I know I would love to get one of these!

Whilst I don't have an issue with Valentine's day, I personally think little notes or gifts on random days of the year mean even more. Why not fill in one of these sweet cards and send them to a friend or family in the mail or leave it somewhere they will find it...a little sweet word telling them why they're so great. An uplifting word really brightens the day.

I feel like I'm constantly saying this but these are so easy. I'm an origamiphobe so when I'm successful with origami I know anybody can be!

I was initially making the squares one evening and then I awoke the next morning thinking about how sweet it would be if they would work as hearts. When your first thought in the morning is craft related you know it's going to be a good day :) I was still in my pj's when I took to the paper and, lo and behold, they do make super cute hearts!

For decoration I used a mix of washi tape, paint, twine, thread, raffia and paper. The options are endless :)

The origami squares and hearts pictured were cut from A4 paper and result in the square notes being 7x7cm. I'll give the measurements for recreating these but you can make then in any size, the only rule is that the length of the paper must be double the width. If you're making it with patterned paper then start with the pattern facing you so that it ends up on the outside of the note.

Let's get started!

Square love notes.

1. Each A4 paper will yield 3 notes. Cut the paper into three equal 10 x 20cm strips - although to be exact the strips are actually 9.9cm! Put the other two strips aside.

2&3. Lightly mark the centre of the long side of paper and fold each end in to form a square. Score the edges with the ruler.

4. Open out and turn over

5&6. Fold the top right corner of the paper down to the middle of the bottom edge to form a triangle. Repeat on the other side and score both edges with the ruler.

7&8. Open out and turn the paper 180 degrees so that point of the triangle is facing you. Repeat steps 5&6.

9, 10 &11. Open out and fold the short sides of the rectangle into the middle, the card should fold in on itself making a diamond. To help the card lie a little flatter you might want to slide the ruler along the top side of the diamond to make the folds sharper.

12. For the lining, cut out a 6 x 6cm piece of plain paper and glue onto the inside of the note.

Now for the fun part!  You can simply wrap it with twine or go as creative as you like.

For the spotty purple note: Dip the rubber end of a pencil into paint and lightly print over the card (like this wrapping paper I shared a while back)
For the stripes: Make a note from plain paper and stick strips of washi tape over the back of the note, trimming the ends.
For the 'open me' card: Seal the opening shut with a strip of washi tape, using the tape to adhere your little message.

Heart love notes

Complete all the steps for the square love note. The only difference is that you need to cut the lining paper just short of 7cm x 7cm so that it covers the whole of inside square.

1. Draw a template of the square onto plain paper and draw out your heart shape. The important part of this step is to make sure that all the edges have at least one part left intact. You can see how I've used the edges to form part of the curve of the top of the heart and then the sides.

2. Cut out the heart template and place onto the square note, making sure the opening of the square lines up with the middle of the heart. lightly draw around the template.

3. Cut out and trim as needed until you're happy with the shape.

4. No step needed here, I just love how this looks opened out!

Again these look so sweet decorated.
For the scattered hearts: Cut out small hearts freehand from plain paper and glue onto the note, using twine to hold the heart shut.
For the wrapped heart: Wrap thread repeatedly around the heart, securing with a knot. Cut out a small heart to write a message and use a needle to make a hole and thread the thread through, finish with a bow.
For the decorated edge: Cut a strip of washi tape and stick over the opening. Use a craft knife to cut down the middle of the tape. Make a hole with either the knife or a needle and use the needle to feed the thread through, tie with a bow.

Who would you send these to? I'm planning on making a stash so I always have some on hand to send an encouraging little word to somebody!

Happy Monday!


  1. Origami notes are so creative and look pretty too. Making a gift card or Christmas cards with origami is indeed one of the coolest ideas one can ever imagine.

  2. Huge crowd in yoga classes! I have never seen it before. Many thanks for sharing this wonderful post


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