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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

D.I.Y. Plaited turquoise and wooden bead necklace...

I want to share my latest 'plaited necklace' with you today (I'm definitely in a plaiting phase of jewellery making!)...I love wooden beads with waxed thread but sometimes they need a little colour to really bring the piece to life (if a necklace can come to life?). And I actually had some end caps that were the perfect size for this d.i.y. - unlike the gold beaded necklace!

I love making step by step photos for projects but sometimes I just want to sit down, play and create as I go...especially when it comes to jewellery making. That's my excuse for the lack of photos anyway!

So here goes...

What you need: 
Waxed thread, large wooden beads (an odd number will look best), smaller beads, wire, end caps x2, jump rings x2, chain (optional), clasp, scissors, wire cutter, flat nosed pliers and strong glue/heat gun.

1) Cut 6 equal lengths of thread (double the desired length of the necklace should give you plenty of leeway)

2) Tie the 6 lengths together and separate into pairs. Holding the thread flat between your fingers plait the thread together. Once you've plaited to your desired length secure it with a knot.

3) Feed three pieces of the thread through a wooden bead and tie a knot. Repeat until all your beads are fed onto the necklace (don't tie a knot after the last bead.)

4) Take the remaining 3 pieces of thread and start to plait. Once you have completed a couple of plaits feed a smaller bead onto one of the pieces of thread. Continue to plait 2 to 3 more times before adding another bead...and continue. Feeding the beads onto the same piece of thread will give the most even finish.

5) Tie both the plaited thread and the wooden bead strand together in knot. Continue to plait the threads together as per step 2. Tie a knot once the length is equal to the first plait.

6) Chances are your knots won't fit into the end caps. Take the wire and wrap it tightly around one end of the necklace, just below the knot. Trim the wire with the wire cutters and cut just above the wire. Next add the glue into the inside of the end cap and push the end of the necklace into the end cap, hiding the wire. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat with the other end of the necklace. Leave until the glue has set.

7) Next use the pliers to add a jump ring to each end cap, and the clasp to one of the jump rings and chain to the other (if you want adjustable length).

And there you have yourself a new necklace!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. This lovely and looks so pro but actually quite simple! You're a very inspiring lady, thanks for your posts, I love how varied they are :)


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