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Friday, December 16, 2011

d.i.y. christmas gifts...

So I locked myself into a huge shopping centre near us for about 7 hours yesterday and now have nearly all my christmas presents sorted, husbands - eek! If you're still thinking about what to get people then maybe consider making something lovely and personal for them. I love recieving gifts that are handmade, it just oozes love and attention...and it's something completely unique. There are so many lovely ideas for handmade gifts, I collected a few of my favourites together for you today:

Twigs + glue + spray paint via crafty so-and-so

simply smelling gorgeous with
 a vanilla candle + cinnamon sticks + twine via balancing the dream

14 homemade sugar scrub recipes via tip junkie

Cute sewing kit via frugalicious me

For the cupcake lovers amongst us via the 36th avenue

Chocolate stirrers. Source not known
(please let me know if you've seen them so credit can be given where due!)
This would look fab on old metal spoons :)

Remember these? Fun teacup candles via Martha Stewart

And for the icecream lovers via family bites

I'm planning on making personalised craft boxes for two of my nephews and some lovely biscuits and chocolates for my nanas (I think I'm safe to say neither my nephews or nana's will be browsing the internet!)
I hope these show how homemade gifts so don't have to be ridiculously involved to be lovely, many these would take no time at all but would mean the world to that special person...happy making :)


  1. Once again- gorgeous!! x

  2. Lovely ideas as usual and I'd be the first to die of shock if either of the nanas were browsing the internet!!

  3. A great selection of ideas for Christmas, birthday, or just a special treat! I absolutely love them, they are really inspiring and the simplicity makes them accessible to everyone. Thank you!


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