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Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby it's cold outside -so let's get crafting...

Okay so this is a craft post but first let's talk snow! I totally become a kid again when it snows. We had helpfully run out of bread on Sunday morning which gave me the perfect excuse a reason to head out in the snow first thing to the local all looked sooo pretty :)

Snow aside, I saw a pretty bunting card on pinterest from Little Lovelies. I adore bunting so I knew I had to make it :) I didn't have the link at the time so I just went ahead and made my own version but if you'd like the original tutorial then click on the link above! I realised that I had saved another of her projects some time ago so I spent some time looking over her blog...all I can say is go have a look - she has lots of pretty crafting ideas.

I love receiving and writing little notes. It doesn't happen so much now we have facebook, email etc so it's extra special when a hand written letter lands through the letterbox :) This is a really easy but sweet idea for making your own notes for friends and family.

What you need:
Plain card/thick paper
Craft paper (for the bunting)
String or embroidery thread
Craft glue
Thin cardboard (for template)
How to:
1) Cut your plain card to your preferred size. Also cut a small diamond template from the thin cardboard (mine is about 2x4cm).

2)  Trace around the template and cut your chosen paper for the bunting.

3) Fold the diamonds in half to form triangles, trim edges if required.

4) Add a thin layer of glue to the inside of the first triangle and enclose the end of the string within the triangle as you pinch both sides together. I had to hold mine together for a little while to make it stick. Repeat with the rest of the folded triangles, enclosing the other end of the string in the last triangle.

5) Add a thin layer of glue to the back of the first and last triangle and position onto the notecard.

And write a little note to me!

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