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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food, glorious food...

Some lovely friends of mine are coming to dinner this week, so I've been looking through my stack of good food for inspiration...and then moved onto my recipe pinboard on pinterest. I adore looking through recipe books...there's usually one next to my bed for some tasty night time reading! I store away so many recipes which I then forget about! I thought I'd share some of my favourite 'yet to be tried' recipes to tickle your tastebuds this fine weekend :)

Apple cider doughnuts by Desserts for Breakfast (She had me at the title) 
You know, I can take or leave a doughnut but these have me drooling in front of my laptop every time I lay my eyes on this photo. I need these in my life.

Inside out carrot cupcakes over at King Arthur Flour.
I have been wanting to make these for so long!

And for those with a more savoury disposition

Citrus spicy wings by Life is still Sweet.
Sticky fingers here we come.

Chipotle lime steak by patio daddio bbq.

And because everything should end on a sweet note...

Brown butter icecream over at The Novice Chef.
My love affair with brown butter continues...

and finally Honey yoghurt berry ice lollies by Joylicious.
These sound delicious and healthy!

Although I think I'll have to either whack my heating up or wait for the snow to melt before trying the last two.


  1. Oh oh ooo, the top two look amazing!! I may be baking with the kiddies this afternoon or tomorrow!!

  2. oh, the carrot cupcakes! the brown butter icecream! must make! must eat!

    1. I know, I could just daydream about biting into one those cupcakes all day long! I really should just get on and make them :)


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