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Monday, April 30, 2012

Asymmetric beaded necklace...

Lets talk beads.

As I have mentioned previously, beads were my first craft love. They often get neglected these days in my bid to become a master passable sewer. I personally think that there are very few techniques with beads that are actually complex, okay some are time consuming but most can be easily picked up. I have so many beads just waiting to be transformed into lovely bits of jewellery that I'm going to make an effort to get back into it.

This necklace is so easy, quick...and versatile. The same necklace could have a completely different look depending on whether you go for pearls, glass or wooden beads. I had a mix of glass beads just waiting for this necklace.

So lets go:

1) Cut the length of stringing wire for the beads. The length is up to you but make sure you allow extra for finishing it off (at least 3" to keep things from getting too fiddly). I'm a fan of Beadalon wire. I used Tigertail for a long time but Beadalon doesn't seem to kink as easily as Tigertail.

2) Create a loop on one end of the wire using a crimp bead.

*in case you're new to crimp beads* Thread a crimp bead through one end. Feed the end of the wire back through the bead to create a loop. Holding the wire in place squash the bead with a pair of flat nosed pliers. You can either finish it by cutting the wire as close to the bead as possible with the wire cutters...or take the easy option and just thread both ends through the decorative beads (no-one will even know!)

3) Thread your decorative beads onto the wire and finish with another loop.

4) Take your chain. If, like me, you're upcycling an old chain, split it into two with one chain longer than the other. Use two jump rings to connect the beads to the chain.

5) I have been waiting for an opportunity to use these gorgeous flowers I had found at a bead fair. So I opened the chain on one side and connected the flower with jump rings.

6) If you are using chain from scratch then now's the time to add your clasp and jump ring to the end of the chain so you can show off your gorgeous new necklace :)

Happy Monday!

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