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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful cakes...

So I've ended up having an accidental break from blogging...not intentionally but I've decided to embrace it and use it as a chance to get my home organised. I will be back but it's important for me that the blog doesn't take over my life/time...I want it always to be something I look forward to and not 'just another thing to cram into this ridiculously busy day' kind of experience :)

But I just had to share these gorgeous cakes created by my lovely and uber-talented sister. I aspire to her levels of creativity :) Give me sugar paste and it most definitely wouldn't turn out like this. But give it my sister and this is what she creates (on only her second sugar paste experience ever!)

The colours are stunning and I have no idea how she made the roses turn out so beautifully (I feel a beg for a guest post coming!) It feels so perfectly vintage.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I doubt anyone would want to eat such beautiful cakes though! :)

    1. I know, I would just admire them all day!


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