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Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumnal notes...

I feel like Autumn is quickly giving way to Winter so I decided to change up what I was going to share today so that I could share this cute D.I.Y. whilst some leaves still remain on the trees! A couple of times a month I meet up with some friends to get crafty together. It's so much fun trying out new things whilst having a good chinwag :)

My friend Lenny shared this idea for Autumnal lanterns. I think they're such a sweet way to bring a touch of Autumn into the it is a really simple but lovely D.I.Y.

Lenny collected loads of gorgeous leaves and then dried them in the airing cupboard. I just came onto the scene once the leaves were already dried so it was an even simpler project for me :) The only issue was deciding which leaves to pick!

What you need : dried leaves, glass jar, PVC glue or modge podge, glue brush

What you do: Simple apply a thin layer of glue to the jar and adhere the leaf to the jar. Brush glue over the top and edges of the leaf until it lies smooth against the glass (this might take a little patience!). Repeat with each leaf. Leave to dry and then finish with a top coat of glue.

This leaf was particularly mischievous, it felt like it took me forever to get all the edges to stick!

How do you see in Autumn? I'd love to hear any seasonal craft projects you've completed.

Happy Monday!
(You can see how to make a handle for your glass jar over on the post I shared last year on making decorated hanging jars)

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