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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to make a kanzashi flower...

I bought Making Magazine for the first time back when it released it's September edition...I couldn't resist all the Japanese styled's not often I drool over a pincushion but they well and truly had me hooked! Less than an hour after sitting down with a cuppa to read I moved onto trying their Kanzashi flower tutorial. They suggested using them as a brooch but I had them in mind for a decoration to form part of my nieces birthday present. Once I started I just couldn't stop!

I tried with different fabrics, I found stiffer fabric worked best for me as it held it's shape well. I think they're so pretty, I want to try to make a garland from them next!

Here's how I made it...

What you need:
Fabric (I used 100% cotton in these photos)
Measuring tape
Needle and thread
Button (optional)

1. Cut out 5 squares 12cm x 12cm

2. Take one square and fold into a triangle (right side facing outwards). Press with the iron.

3&4. With the folded edge facing you bring the right and left outside corners up to the top corner and press the edges.

5&6. Turn the diamond over and bring the outside edges into the centre.

7. Fold in half and hold in place with a pin.

8. Trim the end with the raw edges.

9. Repeat with the remaining squares of fabric.

10&11. Feed the thread onto the needle, and thread each petal onto the thread (make sure they're facing the same way!) and tie both ends of the thread together.

12. Next ease each petal into your desired shape.

13. Sew the petals together on both the top and bottom side of the flower. Trim the thread.

14. Next cut a circle of fabric and glue to the behind of the flower (not pictured). Next decorate the centre of the flower, for this one I simply glued a little circle of the fabric but a button would look sweet!

You will get different effects depending on the type of fabric you use, how many petals you have and how you decorate it. Here's the first one I made...

The things you could do with these are endless, They'd make cute hair accessories or brooches, or additions to handmade bags or home accessories...I made two which I added to a cushion...but more on that in a different post!

Have any of you read Making magazine? I've struggled to get hold of it and am thinking about taking out a subscription...the craft ideas were so contemporary and beautiful.

Have a great day!


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