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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer is an attitude...

and this weather is sure helping my attitude :) It has been gorgeous in Kent - I hope it's been just as amazing wherever you all are!

A while ago I read a fascinating article on a tiny town high in the mountains of Italy. I wish I could remember it's name but it escapes me. The people there live completely in tune with nature, embracing the rhythm of the seasons. In the summer they're busy and in the winter they rest. They have a completely natural (and yummy Mediterranean) diet, pretty much from all that they grow themselves, and they socialise with one another. And guess what? They have a longer average lifespan than other Italian towns/villages and the lowest illness rates.

Amazing huh? Maybe we should take note :) Or maybe we should all just move to the Med. I've definitely felt the effect of a few days of gorgeous weather, I love how everybody becomes so much more friendly and how I actually feel motivated to get my house into some reasonable order.

I think my time could only be made more complete if I could escape to one of these sweet spaces...

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