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Monday, November 5, 2012

Peacock hair accessory...

I have had these peacock feathers for 7 years. I have known what I wanted to do with them for, say, 5 years. Well last week I finally got round to doing what I had been took me all of about 30 minutes.

I don't always understand myself.

I have a thing about fascinators - they ever so slightly freak. me. out. I'm talking about the ones that stick a half mile out of your head and cause everyone around you to duck out it's way.

It's just not natural.

Even if I changed my mind, I'm married to the one person I know who fears them even more than me. So I think it's safe to say that I'm not likely to be found wearing one any time soon! It does leave me feeling a little bit boring though when it comes to doing my hair for special events ( by this I mean weddings...those red carpet moments are just in my head). So I finally decided to get around to making something pretty with my long-ignored peacock feathers.

I considered adding beads to the base of the feathers but I decided that less was more on this occasion. But this could be adapted in so many ways - so let your creativity flow! Here goes...

1) Trim each of the peacock feathers, following the shape of the outer coloured rim.

2) My feathers were a bit ratty just from being old, most gaps can be eased out by gently easing feathers together. But one of mine had a stubborn split in the middle. One way to easily fix this is to cut a tiny piece of fabric and glue to the back of the feather to hold it's shape.

3) Next roughly cut out an oval piece of fabric. Glue the feathers onto the fabric, overlapping the feathers slightly.

4) Trim the fabric so that it is hidden under the feathers.

5) Line the rim of the comb with glue and affix to the back of the fabric. Leave to dry.

Tip: Before wearing, I spray the feathers with a spritz of hair spray to protect their shape.

p.s. I promise I haven't decided that hyphens should replace a 'space' but when adding font to the photos in Google Plus, it wouldn't recognise my space bar (despite me hitting it very hard multiple times -oops)...has anyone else found this? If so, do you know how to fix it?

Happy Monday!

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