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Monday, November 19, 2012

Jewellery gift ideas part 6 - tassel necklace

Unique jewellery is such a lovely gift and it's even more meaningful when you have put the time and effort into making it yourself. I love making and receiving handmade gifts, so I thought I would put together a mini series which will hopefully inspire you to whip out your jewellery stash and get creating!

The beauty of each of these ideas is that they are so versatile - you could either make them just as I suggest or simply use each of the tutorials as a springboard to that perfect gift.

Already made: Vintage inspired pearl and ribbon necklacebeaded pendant necklacewoven earrings, teardrop necklace, ribbon wrapped comb


I have a confession - I forgot to take photos of the steps for both this and the next gift idea. I have another confession - I considered recreating them but I'm writing this on a Saturday morning and I'm really enjoying just looking at this, this and definitely this. I promise I would take photos again if it was tricky but it's really not!

This necklace is lovely even without the tassel - so if your friend isn't a tassel fan then make a few of these necklaces in different colours to give as a set! But I think it adds a fun dimension and I'm always up for a bringing a little fun into my wardrobe!

The easiest way to make the tassel would be to use thread. However, I had this fabric which I loved the colour of, so I spent a little time pulling it apart. If you want to use a fabric then simply pull the threads which are parallel to an edge. (it's surprisingly therapeutic!)

1) For the necklace, cut a length of beading wire that is long enough to slip over your head.

2) Squash a crimp onto one end of the beading wire (approx. 4 cm from the end) and thread on your beads. Stop threading on those beautiful beads about 5 cm from the end.

3) Thread on another crimp and pull the other end of the wire through the crimp as well. Squash the crimp to secure the necklace and trim any excess wire.

4) For the tassel, take your threads and bunch together. Double it over. Taking a piece of wire (you won't need more than 10 cm) add a feature bead and then wrap the wire around the thread.

5) . Cut off any excess wire and flatten the ends into the tassel. Trim the thread to the length you like.

6) Loop a jump ring through the head of the tassel and add another jump ring. Add this jump ring to the middle of the necklace.

All done! Say if anything is not clear or if you would like step by step photos and I'll put some together.

Happy Monday!

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