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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A weekend full of firsts...

This weekend I:

...wore my winter coat for the first time - whilst feeling a little sad to finally admit summer is over, I also love get layered up for winter so it was with a little excitement that I finally pulled my lovely snuggly red coat out from storage (i.e. a rubbish bag on top of the wardrobe).

...finally had french onion soup...for the first time. Do you ever get a food craving which drives you (and also your husband) mad until you succumb to it? Well, that for me, has been french onion soup. I realised a little while ago that I had never had it but was certain that it would be the most tasty and delicious soup I could ever have and kept looking up recipes for it but ended up just staring at pictures of soup. It was starting to get a little strange so when I spotted it on a menu at the weekend I finally tried it...and it was as delicious as I thought!

...bought christmas decorations...I have never, ever bought anything related to Christmas before December until this year- but these were very very pretty and that is the excuse I'm using to justify my actions :)

...and finally the most exciting of firsts this weekend was our first wedding anniversary! We had such a lovely weekend, jam packed with fun. On Saturday we went to our church where we got married and celebrated our friends wedding! It was surreal to think that that time last year it was us at the front starting our amazing adventure together. The weather was amazing so we celebrated our anniversary by spending the rest of the weekend outside visiting pretty places and spoilt ourselves by getting dreesed up for a tasty meal at the restaurant where we celebrated our engagement (where the above soup was tried!).

This photo doesn't do it justice but our camera died on us straight after this photo - grrr!

 Oh I love Autumn so so much!

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