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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jewellery gift ideas part 2: beaded necklace

Unique jewellery is such a lovely gift and it's even more meaningful when you have put the time and effort into making it yourself. I love making and receiving handmade gifts, so I thought I would put together a mini series which will hopefully inspire you to whip out your jewellery stash and get creating!

The beauty of each of these ideas is that they are so versatile - you could either make them just as I suggest or simply use each of the tutorials as a springboard to that perfect gift.

Already made: vintage inspired pearl and ribbon necklace

I saw this theory necklace on Pinterest and whilst I loved it, I didn't love it's price tag - so I just decided to make my own! I love it with these strong colours but it could also be so pretty in pastel or even crystal and pearl (it's safe to say I'm going to making plenty of these!).

1. Cut five lengths of wire, 6cm in length (or whatever size you like!). Alternatively use 5 eyepins, but making your own allows you to create the size eyes that you wish to have.

2) Make the 'eyes' at one end of each of the pieces of wire. To do this, use the flat-nosed pliers to bend just over 1/2cm of wire at 90 degrees. Using the round-nosed pliers and starting at the end of the wire, bend the wire round, gradually working the pliers towards the 90 degree bend until the loop is formed.

3. Thread your beads onto the wire and close each strand off with another eye.

4. Thread the first beaded wire onto the two headpins and add a couple of 'spacer' beads and thread the next beaded wire on. Repeat until you have added each strand, add another spacer bead to finish.

5. Bend the two headpins over at 90 dgrees and cut off the excess wire, leaving 1cm to create the eye.

6. Next decide on how long you want the necklace to be. I think this pendant works great on a long necklace so cut a generous length of waxed thread and thread each end through the headpins, securing with a knot. Cut any excess thread. Then you can simply lift it over your head with no fiddly clasps needed!

Does this necklace remind anyone else of algorithm beads? and does it reveal the nerd in me that I like that?!

Tomorrow we're going to be making woven earrings so stay tuned...

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