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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jewellery gift ideas part 4 - teardrop necklace

Unique jewellery is such a lovely gift and it's even more meaningful when you have put the time and effort into making it yourself. I love making and receiving handmade gifts, so I thought I would put together a mini series which will hopefully inspire you to whip out your jewellery stash and get creating!

The beauty of each of these ideas is that they are so versatile - you could either make them just as I suggest or simply use each of the tutorials as a springboard to that perfect gift.

Already made: Vintage inspired pearl and ribbon necklace, beaded pendant necklace, woven earrings

I don't really own many 'sets' of jewellery, I quite like mixing and matching up different pieces. But sometimes it's nice to be able to pick up a pair of earrings that you know goes perfectly with the necklace you want to wear. Whilst this makes a really pretty set, the earrings or necklace also both hold their own ground so it's up to you which of these you make!

1) To make the teardrop you need to cut 3 pieces of wire. The overall size of pendant will depend on how long the base piece of wire is, so make that first. Either using a round object, your pliers or just your hands gently ease the wire into a curve, cut it to your desired length (plus approx 2cm extra for the eyes).

2) Cut two straight lengths of wire for the sides.

3) Make eyes at each end of all three pieces of wire. You do this by using the flat-nosed pliers to bend 1cm of wire at 90 degrees. Then, using the flat nosed pliers and starting at the end of the wire, gradually bend the wire back towards the 90 degree turn until it forms a loop.

4) Next attach the two straight pieces of wire to the base wire.

5) Take a headpin and add your bead. Trim if if needed and create a eye at the top of the pin

6) Join this to the 'teardrop' using a jumpring.

7) Next either thread a necklace chain through or attach to an earring. You're done! (well you'll need to repeat it if you're making earrings - unless you only want one earring I guess).

Happy Thursday!

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