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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dainty double chain bracelet...

Recently I have found myself increasingly drawn to a simpler style. A little bead here and there, or a sweet pendant. For somebody who loves making jewellery, I wear very little of it! Often I just have my watch and perhaps a pair of earrings. This bracelet is a sweet addition for when I fancy a change, it's delicate and brings a pop of colour to my wrist. It's perfect to wear by itself but would also look great layered up with other bracelets!

And best of all? It's really easy to make!

1. Cut a length of wire (length of your bead + at least 3cm), create an eye on one end, feed the bead onto the wire and finish off with another eye (instructions for creating an eye here).

2. Add a jump ring to each end of the bead. Cut two lengths of chain (roughly your wrist measurement but bear in mind the bead and the clasp will add to the overall size of the bracelet). Feed one length of chain through one jump ring, repeat for the other jump ring and chain.

3. Check the length of the bracelet and trim the chain if required. Connect the loose ends of the chain together with the final two jump rings and attach the clasp to one of these jump rings.

And there you have it!

Be careful when cutting the chain. My main wire cutters (pictured above) can't handle the chain so I use a cheap pair which are more heavy duty. You could also use domestic cutters if you're unsure how you're jewellery wire cutters will handle it.

How has your style changed over the years? 


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