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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

D.I.Y. wrapped twine coaster and jewellery tray...

I'm forever forgetting to remove my earrings until just before I'm about to go to sleep...and by then I'm feeling far too lazy to make the 2 metre walk to the jewellery box, so the earrings always just get dumped on the nearest surface. So this is where this project came into play. I wanted a little tray to put on my bedside table to keep those earrings safe...and then I thought, why not make a matching coaster as well?! Our bedroom has definitely been neglected in the decorating stakes but I'm gradually adding little touches to make it a little more homely and personal.

I first saw this idea in a little shop on the pier of Southwold and then was reminded again with these cute pots on Pinterest from The Gilded Hare. I only had thin twine to hand so I think it would have been too flimsy to build the tray up into a pot. The same principle applies though for whatever type of twine or rope you use, the thicker the sturdier! All I will say about this project is be prepared for tacky fingers!

1) Tie a knot at the end of the twine.

2) Add glue to the edge of the knot and wrap the twine around the knot to start the spiral.

3) Continue to add a thin layer of glue to the outer edge of the twine, tightly wrapping the twine around itself. To make it secure it's best to add a pretty much continuous line of glue, otherwise there will be weak spots.
and keep going...
and going...
and it will feel like you're 'going' forever but stop once you get to the size you desire!

4. For the coaster: Add a dab of glue to the underside of the coaster (the side where the end of the knot is protruding) right where the loose end of twine is. Push the twine down onto the glue and trim the end. Also trim the knot.
and you have yourself a rather lovely handmade coaster! I might revisit mine to make it fabric backed, you could do this or leave it plain.

For the tray: Move to adding the glue onto the top side of the outer twine and push the twine down tightly as you wrap it around on top of the base. I had the end of the knot sticking up into the pot as it will be completely hidden once the fabric is added. If you plan to leave it plain, then I'd suggest having the knot end on the base of tray.

5. Keep adding the glue to the top of the twine and wrapping the twine around until you reach the height you want. This would work for a taller pot as well. Finish it off in the same way as the coaster - add a dab of glue to the inner side of the tray where the loose end of the twine lies, push it down and trim.

6. The next step is completely optional but I like the pop of colour the fabric brings to the project! Cut out a circle of fabric the same size as the base of the tray.

7. And simply push into the base. You could use a spot of glue if you wanted to secure it but it could bleed through the fabric. As the fabric is the same size as the base it fits snugly and should be pretty secure!

And then it's ready to adorn your bedside table or wherever you fancy it!

One thing I loved about this project is that it is so simple and repetitive you can lose yourself in your thoughts as you make it...I find that so therapeutic! I hope you enjoy making it :)


  1. Such a sweet DIY. I like how you jazzed up the tray with some pretty fabric too! These would make great gifts!

    1. Thanks Erica, they're in my list of ideas for Christmas gifts (unofficially of course as it's faaaar too early to be thing about it Christmas)!!

  2. Ooh, that would go down well in my family. They love handmade gifts and I start to run out of ideas as the years go by, but this is a new one!

    If you want to make Tiny Baby Bunnies you can find a patter on my blog..

    Maryam @

    1. I'm glad to help! Let me know how you get on :) Those bunnies are very sweet!

  3. This is absolutely adorable! It's a great teacher gift for Christmas! Thanks for the idea (:

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  4. This is brilliant! And I definitely agree about the therapeutic aspect of projects like these.

  5. I do the same thing with my earrings. I've even knocked them into the floor trying to turn off the alarm.. It never occurred to me to place a container on the bedside table! Brilliant :)


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