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Monday, November 21, 2011

Shining star...

I will never forget the night when I stood with my friends in [what felt like] the middle of nowhere in France and was enchanted by a sky so full of shooting stars it looked like it would burst. So beautiful...I had seen a lot of stars before but never anything like that. Stars are so captivating and I love star decorations but they do seem to get trapped into being just for the christmas season (and I'm not quite ready to start christmas crafts quite yet!).  I saw this pretty papercraft design and realised that I had found the perfect all year round star decoration :) (although there's nothing to stop you from using festive paper if you're in the christmas mood already)

On a side note, a couple of people mentioned to me over the weekend that they hadn't been able to comment on the blog. As I'm a complete newbie at blogging I hadn't realised that I had to change the settings. I've changed them now so everyone should be able to comment...I'd love to hear how you get on with the crafts.

Paper star

What you need:

6 squares of craft paper
Good quality sellotape
Ruler/measuring tape
Hole puncher
(do you like how I always forget to include at least one thing in the photo?!)

1) Choose your craft paper and cut into 6 squares of 6" x 6". Fold into triangles.

2) Take one triangle and mark out from both sides 1", 2" and 3". Cut in to create 3 'almost' triangles - make sure you stop before the lines meet! Repeat for all 6 triangles.

3) Open out the triangle back into a should look like this:

Pull the points of the two smallest triangles together and tape to together.

Repeat on alternate sides:

Repeat with the remaining triangles:

4) Now time for the stapler...the original tutorial suggests stapling all the six pieces together at the centre however my stapler was not large enough or strong enough. So I stapled a pair together at the centre and then attached the three pairs by stapling the external swirls together on both sides. Our camera is really playing up with close ups (amongst many other things!) so I had to crop a picture to try to demonstrate the second part...hopefully you get the idea!

5) Finally, using the hole punch, make a hole at the top of one of the sections and thread a ribbon through.

And then hang your pretty shining star wherever you fancy. I saw a great tip for hanging wreaths etc by placing a door hook upside down on the opposite side of the door...and the simply loop the ribbon round...genius!


  1. Simple but very effective!

  2. Last comment was actually posted at 18.42!

  3. Oops, I've changed the timing...thanks!


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