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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet inspiration...

When writing my last post I realised that I haven't posted a cake recipe for ages. Which is pretty unusual for me but it's partly because I have been consciously trying to eat less cake...but that hasn't stopped me drooling over beautiful photos on the internet. So I may not have a recipe for you today but I think I have something better - gorgeous photos of sweet sweet treats (yes, plural!)...

Chocolate caramel tartlets from Annie's Eats
Is it weird I want to dive into that chocolatey caramel goodness?

Spiced apple ice cream by A Spicy Perspective
spiced. apple. ice cream. Enough said.

 Milano cookies from Sacramento street 
(I've been wanting to make these for so long!)

Cinnamon twists by Chasing Delicious
I want to be biting into one these mouthfuls of deliciousness right now!

You know, I could keep going...I love people who can take great food photos :) For more sweet ideas visit my sweet treat board over at Pinterest.

What's your go-to treat when only a sugar-kick will do?

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