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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

40 days of encouragement...

Happy pancake day everybody! I moved the day forward and had a little pancake party with friends last night...golden syrup will forever be the perfect companion for pancakes :)

I've been thinking a lot about what to do to mark Lent. Lent is something I've become more familiar with over the last few years...having a husband going into the Anglican church kinda does that to you ;) It's become an important time for me to reflect on life, my faith and what I've been prioritising or depending on. Previously I've chosen to give things up for Lent but this year I've decided to take something up instead - 40 days of encouragement.


Each day I want to either send a note, drop an email or say a little something. How much more wonderful would the world around us be if everybody chose to encourage instead of criticise! I have wanted to be more intentional in encouraging people for sometime and I felt prompted to use this period of Lent to really focus on this.

I ummed and aahed (how do you write those words down?!) over whether to share this but I wanted to share in case you fancied joining me in telling the people around us how much we love them!

So let the encouragement commence!

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