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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Playing with paper flowers...

In the January edition of Making magazine they interviewed the authors of the beautiful book Paper to Petal. It reminded me of all the pins I had accumulated of various paper flower projects but have yet to try out. I can't believe the transformation as paper is made into flowers - they look so beautiful and real. That book is most definitely on my wish list.

I have a ton of tissue and crepe paper at the moment from some decorations I made for my Mum's birthday, so it was the perfect time to try out a couple of different ideas I had stored up. It just meant I made gold flowers which doesn't necessarily reflect nature!

First up I had a go at this pretty rose from The Bride's Cafe, made from scalloped crepe paper. I found it to be the quickest of the three tutorials I tried and it would look gorgeous as a bouquet!

Next up I attempted to make a peony from a tutorial over at Freutcake. As you can see my flower does not resemble a peony. in. the. slightest! I still like it though but I think I need to work on my cupping and fluting techniques. I found a helpful guide over at Martha Stewart which goes through the different techniques of shaping crepe paper.

Next up I tried these paper flowers from Wedding Chicks. Whilst the other two types of flowers are made to be formed onto a wire, these have a flat bottom. It wasn't obvious from the instructions as to whether they had cut circles of the same size but I gradually increased the sizes of the circles as I added each layer. i really like how these turned out. These also worked great with tissue paper, they resulted in that pretty delicate pink flower in the picture.

A while back I was inspired by the D.I.Y. fresh flower ampersand on Paper & Stitch and I think I'm going to use these different flowers to create a word to decorate our home with...I just can't decide which word! Maybe Hope? or Love? Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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