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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knitting update (take 2)...

So things have been very quiet on the knitting front since my last update in... oh, October! It was mainly due to the fact that I got bored with what I was knitting. Pink is not really a colour I would automatically go to, it was just some yarn I had inherited. I do want to finish it at some point because I love the idea of knitting something for my niece (for whom pink is the go-to colour).

But I tidied up, the knitting got put away. And it was a case of out of sight, out of mind. But the other week I hosted a knitting night as part of the craft nights I help coordinate. This time I went out and chose my yarn...and went for the chunkiest yarn and some of the biggest needles available! It turns out this is the way forward for me, it comes together so quickly! I also learnt to purl stitch so I'm having a go at making a scarf with a stocking stitch.

I had a minor emergency the other night when I reached the end of my yarn...I know common sense should prevail but I had no idea how to start a new ball off! I was going to just tie the ends together but then thought that it must surely be more complicated than that. So I went for the default option - and called my Mum! Turns out it is pretty easy - Thanks Mum!

So I'm officially back on the knitting bandwagon...I hope! I've got so much further with this already. I would love to make a blanket at some point but I think a scarf is enough for me to deal with at the moment!


  1. Your scarf is look gorgeous so far, the wool you're using is so beautiful! My mum has gotten really into knitting recently, she's knitting a zoo but keeps running out of the wool she needs for each animal, as it's very specific and she finds it hard to buy in the area she lives (and resorts to the internet!). She has just started knitting some little clothes and shoes for my younger sisters' dolls in the meantime :) I think I'll have to ask her to teach me xxx

  2. Thanks Hannah, the wool is so thick and soft! The zoo sounds amazing...a little more complicated than a scarf! I'd love to hear how you get on if you do decide to learn :) x


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